Thursday, October 2, 2014

Important Ebola Note: IQ

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So there is tremendous chatter about this guy from Liberia, and we now have enough of the backstory to see just how maliciously negligent the so-called protection agencies really are.  But what I want to focus on is Thomas Eric Duncan – the Liberian who after hauling his sister’s still living yet rapidly disintegrating body to and from the hospital thought it would be a great idea to take a three-legged flight to Dallas, and then just casually forget to mention at the Dallas emergency room the whole “I hauled my sister, dying of Ebola, to and from the hospital a couple of weeks ago.”

There is speculation that Duncan is a psychopathic arch criminal, or that he was recruited by musloids to make the trip.  Nope.  I doubt this very, very seriously.  Then how in the world, you may ask, could he possibly DO THIS?  I’ll tell you the likely answer if you really want to know, but I warn you, our culture has conditioned even the “strongest” of you to reject the truth I am about to lay out.  Are you sure you want it?  Fair warning has been given.  Complaints will not be fielded.

The AVERAGE I.Q. amongst Liberians is 67.  Anything below 69 is considered severe impairment. Only people who are profoundly mentally retarded, such as with severe Down Syndrome, have lower I.Q. scores, and many folks with milder Down Syndrome actually have I.Q. scores in the 70s and 80s.  What we are talking about in Liberia is the AVERAGE IQ of non-impaired human beings.  AVERAGE.  Which means, by definition, that half the populace is above 67, and half the population is below 67.

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  1. All you need to know about Liberia and most of Africa...

    1. Thanks and about all you could expect considering their IQ.

  2. My question is who is paying for the plane tickets for these people to come and go back and forth to the Mother Land? It can't be cheap. The Underwear Bomber who flew from Nigeria to Amsterdam was 'aided' by a white man in a suit who helped Mr. Undies get on the plane with no baggage, a one-way ticket, and off to Motown! But if my daughter's hubby from New Zealand overstayed his visit, he would never be allowed back in America again.

  3. What gets me, speaking of retards or psychopaths, is the family of Duncan were
    instructed not to leave the apartment. But, they did anyway and the five kids
    went to school. Deliberate? Whose to know.

  4. This is harsh, but our world has got me thinking this way...

    what's the IQ of the common ghetto rat that has 3 generations of living on the dole?

    Our times of abundance and technological advances have allowed huge amounts of people to ride on the coat-tails of a few; the ones with brains, courage to start a business, and initiative to DO something rather than siphon off resources from other's industriousness, without guilt. Being sold the story that it's owed to them.

    That is all coming to an end. Whether death by democide or (possibly man made) pandemic or just threat of pandemic and civil unrest. No question that the good times are ending.

    1. what's the IQ of the common ghetto rat that has 3 generations of living on the dole?

      Good question/point.


      No question that the good times are ending.