Monday, October 27, 2014

Improvised Sniper Rifles, even nation states start out pressing something into service

Via avordvet


The Mosin Nagant is the longest continued service serving sniper rifle in the world, even if the longest continued manufactured rifled is the M98 Mauser.

The Russians, then Soviets, literally built millions of them, and spread them out across the world to arm Communist Guerillas from Vietnam to Central America. Beyond that, other countries used them as they wound up in the inventory for some reason or other, such as Poland, Finland, and the United States.

The Finns created what I consider to be the pinnacle of excellence when it comes to a Mosin Nagant based sniper rifle, the Tkiv-85.


  1. If you can get one that shoots well, ammo is cheap enough to build a sustainable supply. Dont forget to clean them well after shooting as most all mil surp ammo is corrosive.

    1. most all mil surp ammo is corrosive.

      Exactly and non-corrosive is available, but much more exspensive.