Friday, October 10, 2014

Obama's response in Kobani is show only insuring ISIS triumphs


It's pure BS that air power can't stop them as it certainly did in the Spring 1972 North Vietnamese invasion across the DMZ and the Kurds are certainly fighting as well, if not better than the SVN.

Fighting raged on Friday in the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani near the Turkish border, with Syrian Kurdish leaders saying key government buildings have fallen to Islamic State forces.

Kurdish sources on the Turkish side of the border say the Islamic State has control of the court house, police headquarters and the main municipal building. Anwar Muslim, head of the Kobani Council, said the Islamic State is in control of half of the city, including Kurdish defense forces headquarters.

Ashya Abdullah, co-chair of a prominent Syrian-Kurdish political party (PYD) told VOA's Kurdish service from Kobani there is "very, very intense fighting" in two parts of the city.

Kurdish fighters are trying to halt a three-week offensive by the Islamic State on the strategic border city, as militants aim to take complete control of the area.

Dire consequences

The U.N. envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, said Friday that thousands of people most likely will be massacred if Kobani falls to Islamic State fighters. He said there are 700 elderly civilians trapped in the city, as well as about 12,000 people who have left the city center but can not get to the border with Turkey.

The U.S. military continued carrying out air strikes on Islamic State targets in Kobani on Friday, firing at sites much closer to the center of the city, especially in areas close to the Turkish border. The attacks targeted Islamist training sites, tanks and vehicles.

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  1. Replies
    1. Turkey won't allow them to be reinforced, so either something changes or there is no way they can last.

  2. The Kurds have been butt screwed by everyone who claimed to be an ally. The Turks, barry, French, Brits.... We are probably witnessing a genocide of the Kurdish people (the Turks are dancing at that thought). Very brave, and courageous these Kurds are, knowing full well (now) that help is not coming!

    1. This really pisses me off, though I have no idea why anyone would trust our word after Vietnam

  3. The US gov is manipulating this whole situation. That's why the US gov is called the evil empire by some. Every one of the wars have been pure BS. Gen. Patton figured this
    out towards the end. Patton had to die. Giving pink slips to our military and enlisting
    illegals into the armed forces?

    1. Giving pink slips to our military and enlisting illegals into the armed forces?

      & the sheeple still can't connect the dots.