Monday, October 13, 2014

Prepping 101: Ebola in the US! – 100% Prevention & Treatment. Also, Can Vitamin C Cure Ebola?

A regular surgical mask or an even better N95 mask will protect you from sneezes and vomit. They are on Ebay by the case for less than $1 each.

I’d like to try to clear the air a bit when it comes to how you contract and treat Ebola, otherwise known as African Hemorrhagic Fever. The hysteria surrounding this virus is stunning, because most people already know this stuff. For one, there has not been a virus pandemic since colonial times for a reason. We know how viruses spread. If you stay in your house and don’t have contact with other humans, it is impossible to get a virus. Viruses need a host organism, therefore they cannot be spread through water supplies, especially chlorinated water supplies which most of us drink. Out in public, Ebola can most likely spread through the air, from sneezing or coughing, but there are simple precautions you can take if you absolutely must go out to the store, which I will get into below.

Treating Ebola is a crapshoot at this point, but I will explain the splintered logic as to what your options are should you contract the disease.

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  1. Ridiculous; STUPID ; worthless , hippie on LSD level, NONSENCE. Anyone trying to "treat" a BL-4 Hemmorrhagic fever with silver, OJ, "One -A - Day" vitamins . or by waving a majic Ju-Ju stick over the sick is going to die. "Natural cures" also known as voodoo are the last act of the panicked and helpless and the first act of the con-man. Someone running adds for utterly useless paper face masks and equally useless silver powder, while spreading rumors and misinformation isn't who I'd base my survival plan on.

  2. What ever mystery cure they have that is in such short supply and used to treat that newspaper (successfully?) man will not be available to the rest of us. Anon points out that the other 'cures' out there espoused by the author of the article may be worse than useless and a wast of money, and the comments section rips said author a new one.

    HOWEVER....there is one story out there of a survivor that beat this stuff and it provides us few insights. Here are a few take a ways from the article.

    One, in most survival situations the primary thing that gets you through is mind set.... WILL overcome this no matter what!

    Two, as with most illnesses where you lose body fluids the primary danger is from dehydration. By her own account, this person consumed large amounts of oral re-hydration solutions such as pedialite as well as matter how bad it hurt to swallow with her immensely sore throat....though according to the article maybe we should be drinking Jack Daniels. It certainly might help with the sore throat.

    Three, asking for divine intervention probably didn't hurt either and was most likely instrumental in a positive outlook (that mind set thing in in number one).

    While not a guarantee, it doesn't hurt to look at all options.

    Somewhere behind enemy lines,
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia



    1. Thanks and here's some good info from the PATCON. First comment.

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  4. That was one of the STUPIDEST and most error filled articles I have seen in quite a while. The ONLY reasonable statement was "wear a mask, preferably a Niosh N95".
    Plain surgical masks have been shown to be about 94% effective at preventing the spread of flu IF WORN PROPERLY. N(% masks are about 99.8% effective....again, IF WORN PROPERLY. The VAST majority of infections by Ebola will not be by inhaling the virus, it can happen but MOST will come from exhaled droplets from a carrier landing on a surface such as a doorknob, phone or other such commonly touched surface and from there being carried to the nose and mouth without thought
    process. In an airplane, theatre or other such environ a mask is a reasonable precaution, otherwise SCRUPULOUS hand hygiene is ESSENTIAL. Touch NOTHING if you don't have to.

    Silver has been shown to have antibacterial's NOT A CURE but it can help the body fight disease and can for some bacteria enhance the effectiveness of certain antibiotics. Irrelevant in this case....viral diseases won't be fazed by silver.

    The best prevention is don't be where the disease is. We did NOT beat smallpox, polio and other viral diseases from the past with quarantine, silver, masks and other
    efforts. We beat them via vaccines. No treatments after infection for viral diseases to date have been shown to of any significant value....even Tamiflu is at best a toss up.
    We fight Ebola the way we have historically fought viral pandemics....via quarantine.
    THAT is the ONLY effective methodology aside from vaccines. Study history....let what worked in the past be your guide...and it wasn't LEAVE THE BORDERS OPEN.

    1. Reminds me of when I ordered three gas masks and once receiving them realized that I couldn't use mine since I breathe through my throat! :)

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