Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black Friday Shoplifting Suspect Says Cop Is Trying To 'Mike Brown' Him


 Letting him go without verifying his purchase was a mistake.

A Pennsylvania Black Friday shopper flipped-out on a police officer responding to a possible shoplifting claiming the officer was going to “Mike Brown” him.

The incident took place at a Wal-Mart store, where the police officer asked the shopper to see his receipt as proof he paid for his purchases.

The shopper told his friend to record the exchange, and the video shows a scenario the shopper was probably not hoping for—the police officer remains completely calm throughout while the shopper ends up looking foolish.

The police officer and shopper may have met before.

The Blaze reports the shopper said of the officer, “He knows who I am,” claiming that he shouldn’t have to show ID because, “[the officer is] the arresting officer on one of my cases.”

More with video @ Opposing Views


  1. Sounds like he already mike browned the store

  2. When the Rule of Law is dead, this country is dead - this is what that "fundamental change" was really all about:

    1. this is what that "fundamental change" was really all about:

      Evidently and she was excellent as always. Thanks.