Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sorry Your Family Member Just Died. Give Us His Guns. Now.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda is exploiting grieving families to push a radical gun confiscation agenda.

One wannabe tyrant after another.

New York’s anti-gun insanity is getting even more paranoid and inappropriate, with the Buffalo Police now scanning the obituaries and looking for an opportunity to bully the families of the recently departed.

Buffalo Police say they’re determined to get more guns off the streets and now they’re checking to see whether pistol permit holders have passed away and what happened to their gun or guns.

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  1. The only guns I am interested in seeing "off the streets" are those belonging to the ones in uniforms and shiny badges (you know the badge that grants extra rights and special exemptions) of the LEOs.
    Death and damnation to all unrepentant tyrants!

    1. Death and damnation to all unrepentant tyrants!