Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Man Arrested For Open Carry In North Carolina

Via Herschel


Winston-Salem Journal:
Davidson County deputies arrested a man who was walking around a neighborhood with an assault rifle, according to a news release today from the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.
Danny Gray Lambeth, 51, of Old U.S. 52 in Winston-Salem was charged with going armed to the terror of the public.
According to the sheriff’s office, deputies responded to the area of 10711 Old U.S. 52 on Saturday after receiving a report of a man walking around residences with an assault rifle. During the investigation, Lambeth was identified as the suspect.
Lambeth was placed in the Davidson County Jail with bond set at $1,000. He is scheduled to appear in Davidson District Court on Jan. 29, 2015.
Let’s ignore for the sake of argument the idiotic press report about this being an “assault rifle” (which is wasn’t unless it had select fire mode).


  1. This type of conduct by the state is engaged in deliberately. The agents of the state KNOW full well that he is violating no law. That are merely engaging in the method of inflicting "the process is the punishment" abuse that is one of their favorite tools.
    The state and it's actors have essentially unlimited resources they can use to engage in "Lawfare" with.....which is the strategy of using the legal system as a punitive weapon merely because they control it. The goal is not to achieve a conviction, doing so would be a happy bonus but the real agenda is simply to harass,abuse and vexate citizens knowing that it is a rare person who has the financial resources to adequately resist them without suffering immensely. It is at it's core a method of bullying people till they give in and decide to abandon their rights. It's practitioners are evil and need to be eradicated by any means feasible. And since the legal system means nothing to them but a convenient tool I would certainly not concern myself with "legality" in the methodology of eliminating these state sponsored criminals.

  2. I have that exact same shirt.

    1. A Yankee and a Southerner....dern....:)

    2. And I thought the lines couldn't get any more blurry. Dang - this changes everything...


  3. Is OC illegal in NC?

    1. No, it's something like mentioned above 'going armed to the terror of the public' and I have seen a person prancing around, acting like an idiot trying to get attention with his chest pumped out. I can see the average citizen being concerned with behavior like that.

  4. Open carry is legal here. Same thing happened in Jacksonville a year or so ago. A guy down on his luck was walking to a pawn shop to pawn his shotgun. Some idiot dropped a dime on him. Told the cops they were scared. They charged him on the same "going armed to the terror of the public." CH