Thursday, December 4, 2014

Obama, Holder, and Nixon are the Larry, Curly, and Moe of Ferguson!

Via Sioux


If there is any justice in this nation then some high profile individuals will to go to jail as a result of their ineptitude, incompetence, and irresponsibility as exhibited at Ferguson. But don’t hold your breath unless blue is your favorite color!

Highly placed officials such as President Obama, Attorney General Holder and Governor Nixon were the epitome of irresponsibility. Frankly, they are responsible for much of the looting, burning, and other illegal activities and should be held accountable. Obama met with the protestors and told them to “stay the course”! He also called for better police training rather than greater personal responsibility, stronger family values, and more church involvement.

Eric Holder went to Ferguson and told college students that he understood “their mistrust” and while he was the Attorney General, he was also “a black man”! Who cares? Moreover, he began a civil rights investigation! Holder is divisive, derisive, and may be a deranged Attorney General.

Soon after the shooting, Governor Nixon made a video promising “A vigorous prosecution must now be pursued.” What incredible malfeasance. He had assumed that Wilson should be tried before the facts were known!


  1. Reestablish the Knights of the Golden Circle and lets start all over again.
    I wasn't satisfied with the first outcome.