Thursday, January 1, 2015

Activist judges overturn child rape conviction because prosecutor recited Dixie

Via comment by Anonymous on What If ‘Whites’ Strike Back Against The Race-Bait...

 James D. Kirk was sentenced to twenty years in prison for sexual battery of a 13 year old white girl.

 He was also charged with lewd conduct towards a 17 year old white girl.

Kirk raped a 13 year old white female, who had run away from a group home with three other girls.

Kirk offered the girls drugs and a motel room to stay in. Then he raped the 13 year old. All three other girls testified that Kirk had raped the 13 year old. A medical examiner testified that the victim had vaginal tearing from being raped.

Now three left-wing activist judges have overturned his convictions, because the perp is black and the prosecutor quoted the song Dixie. The panel of three judged declared that the song Dixie tainted the trial with racism.


  1. Oh if only we could just match these judges up with their very own lamp posts.

    1. Really and check the comments if you haven't.

    2. Yup, and along the lines of the last comment, when we used to hang 'em, they were a helluva lot less trouble. You try raping my daughter's f***er, the 20 yr old carries a glock 23 in .40, the 17 yr old is a brown belt in jiu jitsu and my 10 yr old, well, let's just say she's usually holding my hand. Reference my older daughters if you're wondering how I'M ready to deal with a threat like that piece of trash.

    3. He should have already been taken care of in prison.

  2. Those Judges just became accessories. They should all hang together, or maybe just a simple house call. Does anyone know where they live? That should be published.

  3. A quick search only shows this, but maybe there is more out there.

    Honorable Karen L Lansing
    451 W State St,
    Boise, ID 83702
    (208) 334-5168


    Hon. Judge David W. Gratton

    Nothing so far.


    Honorable John M. Melanson.Nothing so far.

    1. Brock, that address is the Court house in Boise....

    2. Thanks, but that is all that came up out of the three. Of course, there is probably more if we pay the online services

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    1. downeast hillbillyJanuary 2, 2015 at 12:49 AM

      Remember back in the day when the old Vigilance Committees did what the law refused to do?

  5. Tall tree, short rope, skittish horse. A damn shame we are forced to consider going back to these ways because a predator has been given favor because of his skin color.

  6. Honorable, my arse!