Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jackson gun shop closes amid regulation trouble

Via WiscoDave


Jackson Guns and Ammo Shop in Henrietta closed its doors last week after the owner decided it was too difficult to continue business under New York state's gun regulations.

Kordell Jackson ran his gun shop out of two locations in Henrietta and Scottsville, and had a large following of firearm owners on the south side of Rochester. The closure was in Jackson's mind for months, he said. He closed the Scottsville location on Jan. 1, and the Henrietta location on Jan. 17.

"The SAFE Act killed us in terms of business," he said. "It was very difficult with sales and regulations with transferring and obtaining firearms, so I decided to close up."

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  1. At tnis stage of the game...that is the entire point of regulations.

    we are hearing from all types of industries ----mining, logging, farming, construction, trucking,sanitation (landfills) , retail store owners that the #1 annoyance and obstructor of business is regulators. Never mind what its costing us.

    Buearacrats = the new orcs

  2. Here is a little youtube using the moron Lefties and responds to their lunacy - this time about guns, but fill in the blanks: Environment, Climate Change, Racism, whatevuh...

  3. I live in the Rochester metro area and used to see Jackson Guns & Ammo commercials on late evening TV. Also, the owner was frequently featured in interviews concerning firearms issues and I always found him to be focused and articulate - a good voice for the side of reason, especially in New York State. I'm sorry to see him close up and leave. I have been to Beikirchs and Victor Pro-Gun as well and if/when any of these excellent shops are closed, then it is/will be a real loss to our community. All of this on top of Remington Arms leaving Ilion for Alabama after 198 years and more. Plenty to complain about here in the Empire State... Lord help us!

    Plain English

  4. Another one of their tactics; forced closure. Beat you down with their made-up
    fairy tale policies. Patriots vs globalists. NYC has pretty much always been a
    communist hide-out. The starting point.

    1. forced closure. Beat you down with their made-up fairy tale policies.



    Gun dealers are under the gun!