Saturday, January 31, 2015

Muslim Brotherhood Starts A Political Party Out Of Chicago

Via comment by Anonymous on Open Jihad Declared in Egypt Following State Dept....

In this, the final segment in the Center’s series on the USCMO (United States Council of Muslim Organizations), the first U.S. political party openly associated with the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood, the rise of the UMMA (not an acronym but the full name of the group) follows shortly on the return of Sabri Samirah, member of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood, to the U.S. following eleven years of exile. Once Samirah’s travel ban was lifted by the Obama administration in early 2014, he returned quickly to the U.S. and launched into a busy schedule of appearances and speeches to galvanize the U.S. Muslim community to political activism.

By 23 September 2014, Samirah’s new organization, Our UMMA, which succeeded UMAA (United Muslim Americans Association) to promote the political ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood formally had been established with the Illinois Secretary of State’s office. The following picture is a screenshot from the Illinois Secretary of State’s office with the corporation file detail report for UMMA where Sabri Samirah is named as the registered agent.


  1. Samirah was banned from the US in 2003 and look who lets him back in.. This Islam
    was considered a national security risk and I am sure still is as when he reenters the US he immediately starts up a political party. He is banned from entering Egypt.
    Attack from within. These Islam's are very dangerous people and do not fit in and do
    not intend to fit but to devour their hosts. A coupe has taken place in America. Despicable Congress who are supposed to protect America from all enemies, both domestic and foreign, are doing nothing about it.

    Obama placed Muslim Brotherhood operatives into positions of enormous power who help to make American domestic and foreign policy. And muslim terrorists are allowed to become a political party. Oh, but lets all go to the Superball and paint
    your faces and allow yourselves to prodded like cattle and told what you can and
    can't do. Your awakening will be too late.

  2. The truth is that Mohammed was a brutal, murderous pedophile hundreds of years ago and his
    troops still believe his trash and use it to justify the horrors they inflict upon civilized countries. Forget the peaceful crap, it just ain't so.