Monday, March 23, 2015


TERMN-8R Team Radios

I have an ICOM M72 that I bought some years ago and is a VHF Marine which is most prominent in this area; but the one above seems to be excellent.

There appears to be significant interest in the new TERMN-8R tactical radios among Patriots here. Getting tactical gear into your hands is a critical function of the III.  So I am going to make it happen.  AmRRON stands behind these radios, and that is one heck of an endorsement. My Tribe is adding these radios to our kits.

I have decided that I will front my own cash to get the ball rolling for everyone, and leave the III Society out of the equation, at least for now. If you have looked at the specs for the radio, you know it handles the tasks of several radios, all in one.  For the III Patriot Team on a tight budget, this radio will give you more capability for less money, and with fewer pieces of gear in your kit.  Additionally, the Frequency Hopping capability takes tactical comms and security to another level, at a price point that simply can't be beat.  We will offer the radios at $135/per - a few bucks under MSRP.  We'll ship USPS Priority Flat Rate.  When you look at the PayPal drop-down menu below, you'll notice we include shipping in the price for whatever quantity of radios you purchase - it makes things easier on our end.

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