Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Police video shows cruiser ram crime spree suspect

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  1. Damn! This is where I'm helping my parents move too this summer. If this is how they deal with criminals, maybe my parents made the right decision. :)

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    1. Can't believe the man survived and was only in the hospital for two days, as I remember.

  3. Impressive. Git Er' Done, times a wasting.
    Watching this on one of the MSM news sites, the reporter said this will be shocking.
    No, it was amazing.

  4. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Police video shows cruiser ram crime spree suspect...":

    This raving manic is lucky to be alive. I've never seen a basically sane society
    crash so fast in my life. Is there something in the air. These bath salts were
    in Asheville in abundance. I thought this crap was banned all over.
    As soon as they're banned, the druggeys change an ingredient and back on the
    streets the drugs go.