Monday, April 6, 2015

The Race Card

Via comment by Anonymous on Army says diversity training sent wrong signal abo...
 Nonsense! Absolute nonsense and BS! I grew up watching "All in the Family". My first formal lecture on race relations, came from a BLACK/NEGRO/AFRICAN-AMERICAN Drill Sergeant when I was going through basic training, waaaaay back when in 1976.
I will say it again, almost ALL of the problems facing Blacks in the FUSA are of their own creation. That also means they alone can fix them. It is a question of the content of their character and moral upbringing. Every single one of us have the exact same number of hours in a day. I have ZERO responsibility for how any one else spends their time or the choice they make in with what to do with the time that is given to them. What drives me to full fury road rage, is how they want to blame me (a traditional Christian, heterosexual, white male) for the consequences of they own stupidity, for doing things that I would strongly advise them NOT to do.

PSA; If you don't want to live in poverty then,
1) Finish High School.
2) Get a job, any job, and do NOT quit it, till you have a better job lined up
(and if you are still working at entry level pay, then consider that YOU are doing
some thing wrong)
3) Do NOT make babies outside of marriage. Marry the woman before you sleep with
4) Do NOT do drugs. You can not drown your problems and sorrows in alcohol or any
other drug. They know how to swim.

I'd like to know what alternative universe these PC idiots are living in. I'm 60 and for all of my life it has been nothing but race, race relations and the problems of it all.


  1. Thought you might want to read what the hate group SPLC is up to. Trying to
    shut down the voices of those who oppose their Communist agenda. This group
    would be much more at home in Red China or N. Korea - not here.

    1. Thanks and the $PLC has always been on my hit list. Despicable in all counts.

  2. Boy, Dees is one sicko. I know he would fall into a few categories/diagnoses in the
    DSM-1,2,3,4,5. Didn't realize his mental afflictions were so severe/twisted. Thanks.