Friday, May 8, 2015

When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It

Via Jeffery via WRSA

The consequences and patterns of war, whether by one nation against another or by a government against the citizenry, rarely change. However, the methods of war have evolved vastly in modern times. Wars by elites against populations are often so subtle that many people might not even recognize that they are under attack until it is too late. Whenever I examine the conceptions of “potential war” between individuals and oligarchy, invariably some hard-headed person cries out:

“What do you mean ‘when?’ We are at war right now!” In this case, I am not talking about the subtle brand of war. I am not talking about the information war, the propaganda war, the economic war, the psychological war or the biological war. I am talking about outright warfare, and anyone who thinks we have already reached that point has no clue what real war looks like.

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  1. These parasites wage war against any country which becomes a threat to their
    super power status, such as Germany. If they don't get on the front lines where
    they belong, don't ask anyone else. United They Stand, The Sky’s The Limit. Let all the casualties be on the battlefield, not on Wall Street, because not all natural persons are created equal. So the Pentagon starts deploying troops and writing ‘corporate welfare’ checks to benefit corporations. We make war to make profits. It’s a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight, and corporations are behind it all. Fighting
    for corporations is not worth it - fight to rid the country of worthless destroyers.

    1. fight to rid the country of worthless destroyers.

      & we've got plenty.