Saturday, July 25, 2015

Is it time for the Confederate flag to be as taboo as the Nazi swastika?

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 By who?

A darker emblem looms over the heated conversation about a controversial American symbol. To hammer home how problematic the continued state-sanctioned tolerance of the Confederate battle flag is in parts of the United States, some have drawn comparisons to the infamous banner of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany.

"It would be like having the swastika flag flying on your next-door neighbor," said Whoopi Goldberg, on ABC's The View on Monday. "If [the Confederate flag] continues to fly, the statement that’s being made … is that ‘We miss this really crappy part of history.'"

To be sure, Nazi Germany was a vastly different political entity than the Confederacy, and existed in a vastly different historical context.

More commie propaganda at The Washington Post


  1. I am waiting for the delivery of my first-ever Confederate flag. I plan on flying it proudly over Interstate 30 in Texas.

    1. Good deal. Where did you purchase it?


    3. Man are they expensive. If you are going to fly one all the time, you ought to get cheap ones like I do and save the good ones for special occasions. Thanks.

  2. In this article it is mentioned that the Roof church killing was government. The
    gentleman's arrest blew me away, like WTF:

    Probably just l little humor but sure wish we could give him back to the

    1. Thanks and posted. Certainly a different take, but maybe the only one feasible.