Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Jonathan Turley on Wesley Clark Calling For New American Internment Camps

Via Charlie


Retired general and former Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark has caused a stir with an interview with MSNBC in which he appeared to call for the establishment of World War II-style internment camps to be revived for “disloyal Americans.” Clark used the infamous American internment camps for Japanese, German, and Italian Americans as a model: “if someone supported Nazi Germany at the expense of the United States, we didn’t say that was freedom of speech, we put him in a camp, they were prisoners of war.”

Clark offered little insight into how he would designate certain people as disloyal for purposes of internment. He simply said “If these people are radicalized and they don’t support the United States and they are disloyal to the United States as a matter of principle, fine. It’s their right and it’s our right and obligation to segregate them from the normal community for the duration of the conflict.”


  1. Clark's ignorance of American History, the Law, and the American way are stunning in their weight and scope. I am forced to wonder if he really does know the truth about what he is saying and he is deliberately lying in order to make his narrative goals seem reasonable.

    Japanese interns were not POWS and were not treated as POWS. After the war, multiple court cases were brought and the courts found the government was wrong to hold them. They were wrong then, they would be doubly wrong now (since we presumably know better now). Clark was alive for all this. There is no reason why he should not know it.

  2. Perhaps we the People might be given the chance to choose whom would we would like to have in these "camps?' I'm sure an enlightened group of citizens would be willing to make the determination. I mean really, isn't the US us? Time to vote on HIS status.