Sunday, July 26, 2015

STUNNING=> Obama Gives Turkey Green Light to Bomb Former US Soldiers Fighting ISIS

Via Sauced07

Forty to fifty Americans are fighting with Kurdish forces against ISIS–

Retired US Marine Jordan Matson joined the YPG Kurdish fighters to fight ISIS in September 2014.

Jordan told Greta Van Susteren in February that there are 40-50 Americans fighting with Kurdish forces against ISIS.

He also said the Kurds are very hospitable to Christians and Yazidis.

 James Hughes, 26, and Jamie Read, 24, are fighting alongside other foreign volunteers with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units.

This week Obama gave a green light to Turkey to bomb the Kurds.


  1. Someone should bomb Obama. Blow him to pieces.

  2. It would seem the US gov are playing both side, pretending to support the Kurds
    and at the same time, supporting Turkey. The Kurds have had the most significant
    impact on ISIS. Last night the Turkish air-force went on an all out attack against Kurds in Iraq not against Islamic State fighters or positions. Several dozens Turkish jets attacked PKK postions in north Iraq. These jets allegedly flew through Syrian air space. This is an attack against the group that was, with international support, most successful in fighting against the Islamic State. One wonders how much of this part of the plans was agreed upon with the United States.
    Paul Craig Roberts on the personal attack on Russia. The only thing which stands
    between the US gov attacking Syria and Iran is Russia. People are sick of the
    US gov aggression:

    1. most successful in fighting against the Islamic State.

      With a traitor in the WH, we can't expect any better. Thanks.