Tuesday, September 1, 2015

IL Police Officer Shot-Killed in Lake County – Killers Stole His Gun and Pepper Spray

Via comment by Shane on Atlanta-area police officer shot after responding ...

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A manhunt is on for three suspects after a Fox Lake police officer was shot and killed Tuesday morning in Lake County, Illinois.

At a press conference held a few minutes before noon CDT it was announced the suspects are two white males and one black male. The officer was shot during a foot pursuit of the men after informing dispatchers he was investigating the men for suspicious activity.

How novel, giving us the description.


  1. And right on cue, here comes a
    Martial Law lock down until the "guilty" are arrested.
    Instantaneous results and arrests justify violations of law
    abiding citizens and the Constitution.
    I don't care who it's linked to and
    who is responsible.
    It does not justify Marital Law in response.
    I don't give a shit if it was Jesus Christ
    that was murdered, Martial Law is not justified.
    For those idiots, sheep and slaves not paying
    attention this is what laziness and stupidity
    has sown and reaped in our Republic.

    1. this is what laziness and stupidity has sown and reaped in our Republic.


    2. exactly. just because someone is killed with a gun does not mean we are all guilty. This shit has to stop or its going to get really fucking ugly.

  2. I see the local yokels are putting on a big show locking down schools and telling people to stay at home. It's what you do when you have nothing else to do. Unless
    the perps are abject morons (which isn't uncommon) they are either holed up or far
    away long before the tidal wave of LEO arrives on the scene. The "lockdown" does
    NOTHING to solve the crime...it's just a way of flexing their 'muscle' and showing people who is in charge. They never stop to think that acting this way might actually
    make people MADDER at them.