Monday, September 7, 2015

Military selects rarely used charge for Bergdahl case

Via Carl

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Military prosecutors have reached into a section of military law seldom used since World War II in the politically fraught case against Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier held prisoner for years by the Taliban after leaving his post in Afghanistan.

Observers wondered for months if Bergdahl would be charged with desertion after the deal brokered by the U.S. to bring him home. He was — but he was also charged with misbehavior before the enemy, a much rarer offense that carries a stiffer potential penalty in this case.

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  1. That Bergdahl is a waste of life. Same for this administration.

  2. Politically fraught my ass. The only political nonsense being injected comes from the socialist/muslim complex.

  3. As I understand, six American soldiers were killed trying to locate this barnacle.
    Also, it was reported this barnacle was teaching the Taliban how to set off an
    explosion with a cell phone. Saw an interview on Fox with several soldiers who
    were stationed in Afghanistan with the barnacle who reported the barnacle's
    exploits. Millions paid to the Taliban, six men killed, and what, five very dangerous
    terrorists released to preserve this scum. Death penalty.