Thursday, October 22, 2015

8th NC PATCON John Ainsworth Presentation

Via Cliff

Do we still have a right to government of our consent? Absolutely. However, little can be done about our current condition if we continue to remain ignorant, or worse yet, altogether deny the political reality of what our history has created.

In my presentation to those at PATCON, I explain the *monumental* difference between a national and a federal form of government. I review the history of how our original sovereign states were overthrown by actions of Congress, and replaced with a nationalized system. And finally, I show the legal, grassroots remedy to reviving those original states once again, so that together we can set this country back on its lawful, constitutional foundation.

Here's a quick rundown of the topics reviewed, in case you'd like to skip around (also shown in YouTube video description):

-Our Christian Foundation (1:40-6:40)

-The Original Sovereign States / National vs. Federal Government (6:40-12:15)

-Order of Authority & Constitutional Violated (Law Graph) (12:15-14:00)

-Landmark Cases of the Fourteenth Amendment (14:00-17:00
-Abraham Lincoln & Tools of a Tyrant (16:50-25:30)

-Object of the War / Timeline (25:30-29:45)

-The New War of Reconstruction (29:45-36:00)

-Andrew Johnson's Veto (36:00-38:20)

-Original Intent of the Fourteenth Amendment (38:20-43:00)

-Reconstruction & the Supreme Court (ex parte McCardle) (43:00-51:00)

-Our Political Choices / Positions of the Original States / A Call to Action (51:00-58:00)


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