Sunday, October 4, 2015

AAR sand table exercise 8th NC PATCON

- Overall it was an excellent exercise. That was something that I haven't been a part of in a very long time (admittedly, my previous roles were only as radio operator/log writer and table "sculptor")

- I liked the scenario and the unexpected surprise in the middle.

- It was a very good first attempt (especially for the team that had never worked together before.)

- The only real negatives I experienced were all issues to be expected from an inexperienced team.

* Need to work on radio/communication procedures (using proper call signs; keeping radio silence; ie. don't call the recon team, wait for them to call you so that you don't accidentally jeopardize their position,)

* Need to establish code names/words prior to sending the recon team out (recon was asked about "location 3", but had no prior confirmation of where location 3 was.) [I will add pictures when I post the PATCON pictures. BT]

 Mark Roote III


  1. The exercise was a terrific eye opener for myself with no military training and just meeting everyone shortly before for the most part. Lack of pryor training definitely made the exercise more challenging but more importantly, showed me what I need to work on ( map reading for one)!
    Also I saw the importance of trusting people with assignments, letting them work within their given instructions and trusting that they will pull through.
    I personally believe that these scenario exercises are not only an important learning tool for us not military or similar type backgrounds but also, somehow, need to take place on a more frequent basis.

    1. need to take place on a more frequent basis.

      Thanks and we'll try to have it in the spring. I just posted another also.

  2. I want to thank everyone who participated in the CPX sand table exercise. I learned alot from you guys that will go toward making the next iterations even better. You all did very well and I think we all took away a lot. Thanks again,


    1. Wholeheartedly agree. As I mentioned at the end of the exercise: "I was impressed!" :)