Thursday, October 1, 2015

NYU professor suggests breeding smaller humans and other genetic modifications to fight global warming

Via David
These people are insane. Gizmodo has a new podcast up discussing the work of Professor Mike Liao and his 2012 paper on the feasibility of genetically engineering humans to fight global warming. For real:
Modifications such as a genetically added allergy to meet and the breeding of smaller humans:

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  1. Where do they find these wackos? What are they smoking?

    1. I thought Cambodian Red was the best, but they must have come up with something better since it never affected me that way.)

      Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  2. I don't "teach" college, but I'm going to create podcast and make a discussion about convincing the global warming crowd to commit suicide. For the good of the planet.

  3. "Strange solutions to problems that don't exist" by Prof. Liao.