Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Police On The Roof

Via avordvet


A lawsuit filed last week against the owners of the Waco Twin Peaks alleges that before the first shot was fired, “occupied…the rooftop of a neighboring restaurant.”

The suit was filed on behalf of the widow, children and parents of Matthew Mark Smith, a member of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club and a former member of the Scimitars Motorcycle Club. Smith was shot once in the upper right back by a jacketed projectile that left a quarter inch hole. That would be consistent with a projectile fired by an FN P90 or an M16 both of which were carried by police at the scene. That jacketed projectile partially fragmented and  was recovered. It was the shot that killed Smith. It caused his right pleural cavity to fill with about a liter of blood. He was also shot in the lower, lateral abdomen by a projectile that was never recovered but that left a slightly larger hole that would match common pistol rounds.

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