Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Syrians View Russians as Heroes

Via Nancy

Syrian woman kisses a poster of Russian President Vladimir Putin during a pro-Syrian government protest in front of the Russian Embassy in Damascus, Syria

 Russian Weapons in Syria Create New Political, Strategic Balance in Region

British journalist Lindsey Hilsum argues that many Syrians hold Russian President Vladimir Putin for their friend and see Russians as saviors.

Residents in the Syrian cities of Tartous and Latakia believe that Russia’s military operation against the ISIL terrorist group would bring the war in the country to an end, the British journalist wrote.

Moreover, they believe that the US is to blame for strengthening of the terrorists and their allies.
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  1. Putin is my hero too. I salute him for being a real man.

    1. I read something yesterday and the commenters were making fun of Americans for backing Obama, so I replied that there were many of us who were not and that at least Putin was a man, not a wimp like Obama. :)

  2. Thank you, comrade. The places I go. most of the commenters are pro-Putin.
    What passes as a gov in this country is a disgrace and belongs in N. Korea.
    Remember Guzman who escaped from prison in Mexico, well the warden was
    arrested for participating in this drugpins escape. How deep the shit goes.

    1. They are both commies, so might as well pick a man. :)