Saturday, November 28, 2015

COURT RECORDS: Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooter NOT Republican, Identifies as Woman

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robert lewis dear

Police detained a shooter at a Planned Parenthood building Friday afternoon, according to Colorado Springs police.

Four police officers and five civilians were injured in a shooting.
Three people died including Police Officer Garrett Swasey.

Local media captured video of the shooter being led away in handcuffs.


  1. What I read on Western Journalism is that he is currently living in Blk Mtn, North
    Carolina down a dirt road in a cabin with no electricity. I would say he is very

    1. Black Mountain is a nice area. A good place to stay away from our government and it's legion of followers, though it doesn't work if you're insane like this fellow. :)

  2. Another one of those bug eyed crazies! Someone will compare them.

  3. Well, the MSM has another reason not to believe in God, you know they were praying their hearts out it was a TEA party Republican.......