Saturday, November 21, 2015

Politically Incorrect Drivel

The AK/AR are 200-300 meter rifles, the shorter barrels lose some efficiency and accuracy, so are more like 100-150meter weapons.  In saying that, one must remember the BULLET DOESN'T KNOW IT'S RESTRICTED AND SO SAILS ON MERRILY FOR 1000 yards or more.

Pistols are 25 yard weapons.  More can be done with them, but you and I are not those shooters and we don't have those pistols.  Again, that BULLET DOESN'T KNOW IT'S RESTRICTED AND SO SAILS ON MERRILY FOR 500 yards or more depending on the recipe used.

Common modern drywall construction will NOT STOP a bullet . . . you can kill a kid three apartments away. easily.
Common modern interior doors are hollow core and will NOT STOP a bullet . . . your own kid can be killed easily. Common modern ceilings are, in fact, drywall construction . . . your apartment MAY have a concrete deck on the floor above.  That MAY be enough to stop a pistol bullet or lighter caliber rifle bullet.

The typical householder is not going to go get serious training in self defense and will take as gospel, what he reads on the internet, or hears around the beer table.  The typical American is a great believer in bigger and more is better . . . and so an AK or AR with a 30 round Mag touted by so many "gun writers" as the hot ticket item, is his minimum standard for protecting the single wide trailer he lives in.

Many drastic tales of horrors awaiting the hapless have been sold and told involving massed legions of beserk ISIS terrorists assaulting his front door, or vicious gangs of Los Zetas intent on raping his Poodle beating on his walls and doors, convincing him that only a small arsenal and ten thousand rounds, already loaded in magazines can be held sufficient security to repel these attacks.

The butt ugly truth is, you're far more likely to be attacked by your own government than any wild eyed Islamist maniac.  But that aside, having a decent weapon and enough ammo is never a bad thing. One never really knows. And repellant bearded fanatics are not the only enemies you have to deal with.  Ask any of the 896 Americans killed by the Police for no particular reason in the last ten years.  Ask any of the thousands of whites killed by Black attackers every year . . .   

Not to mention the rapists, kidnappers, home invasions, burglars, and assorted deviants and perverts frequenting our neighborhoods.  So, as it was in the days of the Old West, a rifle by the door or pistol by the bedstead is a handy thing for your peace of mind.  For millenia, it has been a man's duty, honor and privilege to provide for and to protect his family, fighting to do so when necessary. Modern foolishness denigrates and dismisses the instincts we're born with, as they also pick and choose whatever 'special' coloration they choose this month. Most women, whether they admit it or not, instinctively want that big, capable guy who can feed, clothe her and her baby; make fire and fight off the raiders and baby eaters.

OK, so I've had my rant, what sparkling gem of wisdom can I now lay at your feet?  Well, here it is.  Keep that AK/AR but get a good 12 gauge (or 20) pump shotgun with a short barrel (18 - 20"). Load it with 'Buck 'n Ball' cartridges with a slug or two in the mix.  I keep mine set up with buckshot, buck 'n ball, slug in that order.  It holds six, so I double the ration. Keep the butt stock on it, lock it under your arm against your side and level the muzzle at your intended target.  Keep your 'off' hand firmly gripping the forearm, which drives the slide action. KISS!  Don't load it up with all the 'cool' accessories, oddments, or paraphenalia. A lot of that crap just gets in the way and much of it won't work when you need it to anyway.  YOU DON'T NEED A BAYONET, ok?

In my house, I have a backup pistol and She Who Must Be Obeyed has her own Revolver.  Simple is good.

We have two dogs who share our bedroom.  They know the Grandkids and so, we're not likely to shoot any of them.  They're still at the age when they occasionally need Grannie's comfort, and I couldn't think of any simpler way to make sure we wouldn't cause a tragedy.  They know that, like hot ovens, broken glass, power tools, and the bottles and boxes in 'that' cabinet, guns are "Big People" stuff, not toys for them to play with.  The guns are always in plain view and there's no 'mystique' about them.  They know what they can do, and what they're for.  They're familiar with them enough to ignore them, like they do the radio, the calendar, the fire extinguisher, and flashlight.

Kids are like Puppies and Colts, they'll try you every which way they can.  That's natural, they're learning ALL the time, and trying to determine the limits. You don't take care that the learn the right stuff, they'll damn sure learn the wrong stuff.  My dog Beau is big, bold and protective.  This is HIS house, HIS yard, HIS truck and these are HIS kids . . . he'll defend all of them to the death.  Your yard is not HIS yard, he has no business being aggressive there.

Unless you start something.  Very sober guy, is Beau.  He wasn't born knowing all that, he had to learn it, accept it and live it.  Same with kids . . . they become what you allow them to become.



  1. "The guns are always in plain view and there's no 'mystique' about them. They know what they can do, and what they're for. They're familiar with them enough to ignore them, like they do the radio, the calendar, the fire extinguisher, and flashlight."


    I have pictures from back when I was very little, with grandpa's hat on my head, and his .22 in my arms. It was a lot taller than I was. Killed my first squirrel, and quit a few more, with that gun,

    Even so, I knew never to touch that or any gun, without permission first. I could have easily done so, but I too was very aware of what they were, and were for.

    Plus my behind was very aware, of who my daddy was, and what he would do, if I did. :)

    Central Alabamaian

    1. Plus my behind was very aware, of who my daddy was, and what he would do, if I did. :)

      Ha! :) My mother was the one in our household as my father was busy as a country doctor and beef cattle farmer. At any rate, she had this 3 foot plastic hair brush which she would apply liberally to my backsides as I knelt over the bathroom tub. One time it broke and she said that she wasn't going to spank me anymore and when I inquired as to why, she said because it didn't do any good!:)

    2. Heh! :)

      Around the house, daddy kept a special belt just for me, so he wouldn't have to take off the one he was wearing. If he ever pulled off the one he was wearing, I knew it was going to a Memorable Occasion, and I still have vivid memories of probably every one of those.

      I think daddy would have made a first-class Tanner. He was very good about making sure I got my hide fully tanned. :)

      Central Alabamaian

    3. Wonderful! :) Get these all down, so they aren't lost.

    4. I'll have to see if it's okay with my behind, It still doesn't like to think about it. :)

      Central Alabamaian

    5. Are you talking about the memorable whippings, or the memories of life?

      I do need to write them both down.

      Central Alabamaian

  2. The best homw defense weapon you can have is the one you practice with....that is more important than what it is. And 5.56 AR rounds are LESS likely to penetrate walls than pistol rounds and shotgun's designed to break up. The 'Box of Truth' website is a good one to see what bullets do in REAL world testing.

  3. I've heard that #4 shot if you can find it or reload it is better for home defense than 00 buck or slug, less likely to penetrate a wall or walls and hit a loved one but will still do a job on an unwanted intruder. If you need heavier stuff, learn some slug select drills. Going up against .gov in any way shape or form, that assault rifle will be your best bet. Hips and heads.

    A good hollow point is the best self defense round for pistols as it will unload most of it's energy in what it hits and is less likely to over penetrate. I personally use Corbon as they will still expand after going through several layers of clothing (think winter apparel) whereas some of the other HP rounds have a tendency to clog up and act like ball ammo in the same situation. A gun store owner friend of mine saw a practical demo of this at last or this years SHOT show, can't remember which.

    As for actual shotgun shooting most folks think you don't have to aim a shottie and can take out a whole rank of zombies with one squeeze of the trigger. Not so. Aimed fire is necessary and that means your shoulder. Lean into it a bit to absorb the recoil and learn the proper way to seat the stock against your shoulder as it won't hurt as much. You should also take your intended defense rounds to the range and 'pattern' them against a silhouette target at different household distances to see what they will REALLY do and how much spread you get, it might just be an epiphany for you. I know it was for me when I took the tactical shotgun class at Front Sight where we performed this evolution with 00 buck. If you have more than one shotgun you will have to do it for each one and each different load as no two will be alike.

    One of the exercises we had to do at FS tactical shotgun was taking out the baddie with a head shot in a hostage situation. It CAN be done, knowing your spread is the key and you take him out with the edge of the pattern. This is not something that I myself would feel comfortable doing in a real life situation but did manage to take out the 'perp' in the exercise leaving the hostage intact.

    Somewhere behind enemy lines
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia

  4. Hi Brock,
    Great Photo and also great "Trigger Discipline" of all with guns!! The post reminds me I have to fwd you "Rules for a Gun Fight" By Sgt Joe F."
    Just a thought, the best "weapon" we have at our disposal is "Our Mind!!!" And like any weapon, it requires use and practice to be proficient!!
    Got Gunz*.......OUTLAW!!!
    PS (*) It requires to have a "Proficient Mind" to operate a "Good Gun!!"

    1. It requires to have a "Proficient Mind" to operate a "Good Gun!!"

      Good point.