Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cultural Theft and Ethnic Cleansing are Both cultural Marxism--and the beat goes on in New Orleans

Via Billy

By now anyone that reads anything but the comic strip in the "newspaper" (often more truth there than anywhere else) has read about the Cultural Theft now being attempted in New Orleans. It is part of the anti-Confederate psy ops campaign that started last June.

 The Cultural Theft/Ethnic Cleansing/cultural Marxist cadre had  been somewhat quiet for awhile  and many of us figured that we were in the midst of that quiet period between their initial assault and the time when they had hoped we'd go back to sleep so they could clobber us with their second offensive. It seems that the second offensive has now arrived, at least in New Orleans ( a "Christmas" gift for the unwary). Either that or the mayor there is off schedule.

I received some interesting commentary from a man in Alabama yesterday that so well fits this situation. He wrote: "When ISIS finds a historical monument or statue that does not fit their narrative they destroy it. Congratulations New Orleans, you fit in well with ISIS in this category." Problem is, he's right on the money! When the culture thieves and ethnic cleansers (who are all cultural Marxists) find something that does not fit into their wished-for agenda then it is slated for destruction. It must be so otherwise their agenda could not go forward and America could not continue to be "fundamentally transformed." 


  1. Too bad that site only allows for google accounts. F google.
    SO I'll post my comment here instead :)

    It's too bad there isn't more push back around the culture being stripped from the South. I'm eager to see hundreds of people chain themselves to the monuments while being supported by a vocal group in front of the cameras explaining the lies that have been propagated about what St. Andrews Cross really stood for and meant, as well as describe the former societies that plowed under their history and how they fared...

    1. describe the former societies that plowed under their history and how they fared...

      Good point.

  2. Good article in Takimag: