Saturday, December 26, 2015

'Gift of sanctuary': US churches to house immigrants facing deportation

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© Edgard Garrido
A US religious campaign supporting Central American refugees, the Sanctuary Movement, said it would offer its congregations' churches to families facing deportation from the United States, ahead of a planned government crackdown on illegal immigrants. 
Leaders of the multi-denominational church-based movement said the immigrants who suffer in an upcoming series of raids, could find refuge in the group's places of worship. Nationwide operations by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement will begin as soon as January, forcing whole families from the country, the Washington Post reported.

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  1. Small problem with that. Under US law, there is no place in the USA where the old concept of "sanctuary" in a church is recognized. So, the church can offer sanctuary, and the police can still walk right in and arrest anyone they find there (assuming they have a warrant for arrest), just like anywhere else. And anyone blocking the door can also be arrested, for obstruction or the local equivalent.