Monday, February 15, 2016

The Constitution Will Be Ruled "Un" Constitutional

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 Standing watch with tears in my eyes,

What a sad day Saturday was for the world and also the United States. Normally I try to stay with economic/finance and geopolitical logic in my writings. Half of today’s writing will discuss the Turkish (and coming Saudi) assault on Syria, the final half will discuss the very untimely death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. It is usually better to steer clear of politics but today’s missive will give the public trolls a chance to scream prior to my work becoming part of the premium content section at JSMineset.

The situation in the Middle East has been complicated for several thousand years but never more so than it is today. At its core and “publicly” you have the dislike between the two Muslim factions Sunni and Shia and the struggle between the West and the East. Business must also be added into the mix and when I use the word “business” I am speaking of oil. The situation is extremely complicated and confusing to the point of not really making sense of who friend or foe is. I believe a good description of the very confusing situation can be read here.
From a very broad perspective here are a few observations. Because of Syria’s location, they are pivotal. You see, their land mass must be crossed in order for a pipeline from Western ally oil and gas into Europe. Russia, Syria’s “protector” Russia Prime Minister Warns US and Arab Countries: 

Invading Syria “will start a new world war” for a lack of better words, does not want the pipeline built as the energy flow strengthens Western business and is a direct competitor to their own energy industry. This can also be viewed from a currency standpoint and might even be called a “currency war”. One side pro dollar and the other wanting a move away from the dollar. A power struggle of epic proportions is unfolding between dollar and non-dollar interests.

One might ask “why now”?

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