Saturday, March 19, 2016

Canadian Health Care System Horror

Via Cousin Dale

I love driving. Always have. I started driving very early in life and the automobile has been a lifetime love and preoccupation for me. I unfortunately was in four major motor vehicle accidents within a ten year span of my life. Of those four accidents two insurance claims were filed related to injuries. The first injury was in a Tort insurance system, while the second was in the P.I.P.P. (Personal Injury Protection Program) insurance system. For both of these insurance claims I was in a demographic of people that was reputed to file false claims (supposedly males between 18-25 years of age). I have spent roughly six years of my life in part time or full time physical rehabilitation related to insurance systems.    

The events of my life are being shared and presented to implement some needed changes in legislation that will benefit all. Of the thirteen recommendations I outlined in a report presented to the NDP Government in 2001, almost all were implemented. The implementation of my input and ideas was unfortunately distorted to benefit large insurance companies like SGI or WCB. The single most important recommendation I gave clearly outlined ways to guarantee insurer accountability and responsibility, and the vital importance of a person's opinion regarding their own body. I very clearly pointed out the discrimination against people coming forward to report injuries. Nothing was ever done.

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