Friday, March 4, 2016

Not To Be Missed: Manifesto of Old Men and Simple Preachers

 the fugitives

Over time a man, if he is perceptive, comes to certain conclusions.  The most startling is that the greatest truths were spoken to him throughout his life by ordinary men, simple preachers, old men sitting around drinking soda and eating peanuts, his father.  These men, if beneficiaries of a culture and community that embraces common-sense as a virtue, know truths that philosophers for centuries have tried in various ways to express.  Common-sense is something all men should know; common- sense informs us of certain natural laws, common-sense is God’s gift of understanding.


Amen and I miss you, Mr. Bowen.




  1. My dad died when I was 19. I have had several men fill that role in my life. Each has brought a lifetime of knowledge and a desire to impart that to me, it is a service of immeasurable worth. -55six