Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Saddest Day Of My Life, Bar None: The Fall Of Saigon April 30, 1975

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My boss and good friend, Bob Goodpaster took this while I was covering a demonstration.  May he RIP and also the American, VNCH and allied troops who breathed their last here.
The Fall of Saigon Slideshow - Powerful

Vietnam Babylift, My Story



  1. I'm with you, Brock.

    I've also been in that very same spot, i.e., Cong Ly and Nguyen Hue, in downtown Saigon, when I was stationed at the Phu Lam Signal Battalion.

    Each Sunday, I'd attend church services on Cong Ly street.

    I ate at the My Canh floating restaurant, visited the Saigon Zoo, and attended the Vietnamese American Friendship Club.

    Like you, I too, consider this to be one of the most disappointing days of my life, having spent two straight years in the old republic (because I volunteered twice to extend my normal tour of duty).

    I learned of the fall of Saigon while in my quarters watching television at Fort Hood, Texas.

    After that, I got out of the Army while I still could get an Honorable Discharge, for I was falling apart, unable to control my temper or perform my duties the way I should.

    1. Thanks, man.

      I'd attend church services on Cong Ly street. See below.

      I ate at the My Canh floating restaurant
      My favorite was the rice in the brown earthen pots I have never been able to find since I've been back (Similar only) and that is where I was married. Have many pictures, but in albums.

      Prayer: Something I Had Forgotten About Concerning The Last Days of Saigon

      From my friend Bill Lemon: "First, I will certainly pray for ............ Although I am no longer a good Episcopalian (sort of like I am pissed at the GOPe), I have recently recharged my Christian batteries and while I don't attend a brick and mortar meetings, I do pray- hard and often. (Anyone with children should get used to praying). I recall you and I prayed in the Cholon Church (at the end of Tran Hung Dao) during the last day's of Saigon. The key is not to focus on ourselves but the soul of others."