Thursday, May 12, 2016

Erasing Southern History, Step by Step by Alphonse-Louis Vinh of Vietnamese Immigrant Parents

  by Charles King Bird

Throughout the entire South, our Confederate Southern heritage is under massive attack. This time, it’s not just Yankee invaders who are doing this under a new Reconstruction; it’s being reinforced as well by influential Southern liberals who hate the traditional South. There’s a line that can’t be crossed. Jesus gave us an injunction to love our enemies, but this doesn’t mean that we have to allow our Western European civilisation to be destroyed either. Otherwise, what did more than 800,000 Southern soldiers heroically fight for against at least 2 million Union soldiers, if not to defend their people from a brutal and unnecessary invasion that needlessly took the lives of more than 750,000 soldiers

(According to a recent 2016 BBC report, contemporary scholars have updated the heavy toll from the figures we’ve been using since the late 19th Century–which were extremely well collected given the statistics available. Remember that there were only 25 million people living in the US according to the 1860 Census. Today that’s the equivalent of 9.7 million soldiers killed in an American War Between the States).


  1. It is all part of the attempt to erase American identity, not just Southern Identity