Monday, May 2, 2016

Paper Worries Mexican Flags At Trump Protests MIGHT HAVE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES

Via Billy

Mexican Flag Trump protests

You may ave noticed that there are often lots of Mexican flags at anti-Trump protests. The Los Angeles Times is very concerned about this… because it makes the protesters look bad.

You couldn’t make this up:

Trump protesters, Mexican flag-wavers could bring unintended consequences for GOP race
The protests outside Donald Trump’s rally in Costa Mesa on Thursday night pose political questions for both demonstration organizers and the presidential candidate as the California primary nears.

Hundreds of demonstrators filled the streets outside the Orange County amphitheater where Trump held a rally Thursday night, stomping on cars, hurling rocks at motorists and forcefully declaring their opposition to the Republican presidential candidate. At least 17 were arrested.


  1. WTF? This pisses the absolute SHIT out of me.
    1) They have to go
    2) We need to send troops into Mexico (AGAIN)to un fuck them
    3) Kill as many as possible at this point
    4) I cannot wave a Confederate Flag but these jerks can do this? And California is Mexico again....just sayin'

    1. I cannot wave a Confederate Flag but these jerks can do this? And California is Mexico again

      Commies in every institution. Thank you Obama voters who voted for him twice when it was oblivious he was one, well at least for all but those brain-dead.

      "Now, after sending Our Best Young Men To Die on distant battlefields fighting Communism, we may simply vote a Marxist into our highest office."
      23 July 2008
      10/'67 - 5/'69 USARV, 6/'69 - 09/'71 OICC/RVN+, 06/'73 - 25/04/'75 DAO, US Embassy RVN

  2. Sorry lost my manners there but enough is enough. Deport build wall. Take the money from them they earn here in either taxes or fees and build it bill it build it

    1. Claymores on the border, as it's cheaper. The suggestion of my first cousin, a West Point graduate, Marine aviator who flew 120 missions over north Vietnam.

    2. indyjonesouthereMay 3, 2016 at 9:13 PM need to take their money, just stack up all the trade goods they ship to this country along the wall instead of letting it through customs and in no time THEY will build the wall. I do think that is Trumps plan.

    3. Damn, if that ain't a good idea! :) Thanks.

  3. We know why Latin American protesters can get away with this on our side of the border. Because if / when they protest in their country, they are arrested and many times incarcerated or just executed. It is the Latin way of doing things.

    I understand why they 'invade' our country. I just think that this will only result in the U.S. becoming similar to what their country is. Sorry amigo - I'm not down with that.

  4. Nothing a 55gr, .223 at 3200fps can't fix....

    Lock and Load...

  5. Just by being here they are admitting that it is better to an American than a Mexican! If the Mexican culture and Mexico was superior then you would see the Gringos going south to get into Mexico. They want to have it both ways, They still want to be Mexican citizen, but have all the benefits and perks from being an American citizen. They are all most welcome to back across the Rio Grand. Trust me, we will not in any manner what so ever stop you.

  6. The Mexican's must have gotten lost since there is no wall on
    our border. They are in the wrong country waving their flag.
    Round them up, head them out, show them the exit.

    1. Where is Eisenhower, when we truly need him? :)

    2. Agreed, but you will never see that happen again.
      The communist invasion.