Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Transgender Teacher Claims $60k After Co-Workers Use Wrong Pronoun

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TIMES PHOTO: JAIME VALDEZ - This is Leo Soell's most prominent scar from breast cancer, left from the chest port that delivered their chemo drips.
Somethin', I guess

Par for the course in Oregon.

A transgender school teacher has been given a payout of $60,000 after complaining of being harassed by colleagues for over a year who allegedly “misgendered” her, despite an official investigation stating otherwise.

Leo Soell, who works as a fifth grade teacher at Gresham-Barlow school in Oregon, submitted a complaint to Oregon district officials that she had been “harassed” by colleagues after coming out as transgender last September.

In the complaint, she claimed that her co-workers continually called her “she,” “lady,” and “Miss Soell,” while other staff had conspired to stop her using a gender neutral bathroom, despite the school hosting an hour long training session on transgender issues.

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  1. Doesn't surprise me one bit (nothing much does anymore with eight years of this Administration), I heard on the Laura Ingram show last night that U.S. illegal alien camps now have transgender ILLEGAL ALIEN rooms now allocated. What. The. Hell. ??


    Heard a great title for these individuals on same show - MA'AM-SIR.

    1. Really. Thanks.http://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2016/05/feds-to-build-separate-detention-unit.html

  2. It is dangerous to let such a person near a child.

  3. Remember it all started with the faggots stating that all they wanted was "equal rights". Which was the big lie. After all who could be against equal rights? What they really want for the faggotization of society. All gay, all the time.
    Now it is the transgenders who want for all us to confused about which gender we are, and thus no real gender at all. They want to make perverts of your children. Do you really want your son or daughter to be confused about what they really are?

    1. Do you really want your son or daughter to be confused about what they really are?

      Homeschool or send them to one of the very few private ones that are still sane.

  4. Good God it just cannot get anymore ridiculous ! Just call her "your it-ness, your nothingness, you, and freak"

    Should do it.