Wednesday, May 4, 2016

We'll Have a Gay Old ... Monument

Via Billy

It appears that the Obama administration is working around the clock to name the location of the 1979 Stonewall Inn riot as the nation’s first national monument dedicated to the Rainbow Mafia.

Barack Obama’s interior secretary and National Parks Service director are hosting a public hearing on the proposal May 9 — weeks before Obama wants to cement his “LGBT” legacy by declaring he was the first president to designate a monument to the homosexual-rights movement. He doesn’t have much time.


  1. One thing for sure, everyone will remember what GAY president he was.

  2. Oh, yea, that freak Obama is busing loose, busting loose.
    Note this update on the attack on HB2:

    Homo's were never part of the Civil Rights Acts as they
    were deemed mentally ill and secretly, they still are.

  3. mentally ill and secretly, they still are.

    Thanks,as collectivists are also.