Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Will the Military Obey Unlawful Orders?

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An essential addition to the literature, right next to “When To Shoot The Colonels” by USNA grad
 Tom Baugh and this USMA grad’s annotation upon same.
Lose your illusions, people.

In the coming chaos, those whose resist .gov diktats will be viewed and JAG-approved as “unprivileged enemy belligerents”.

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  1. Yes, yes they will. The purge of the officer corps is almost complete. The "integration" of foreign nationals into the ranks is almost complete. The recruitment of perverts, deviants, and undesirables is almost complete. The socialist indoctrination of our high school and college graduates is COMPLETE.
    Very few enlistees or officers are in the military for "God and country" anymore. .

    1. Unfortunate I agree, but if there is courage, there is hope.

      I shall never repent having done what I did, nor complain about the consequences of my captivity. (17 years in a North Vietnamese "reeducation" camp after 1975. BT) If history were to repeat itself, I would choose the same path. By so doing, I know from experience that I would lose everything but HONOR.

  2. The order by the pig, LBJ, for the Sixth Fleet to return
    during the attack on the USS Liberty was unlawful and the
    Sixth Fleet had a responsibility to go on and LBJ should
    have been impeached and charged with treason then executed. But, according to an article I read, Obama states the military will follow orders. We will see.

  3. More treason against the American people. I mean, what's the
    hurry. His destruction of America continues unobstructed.
    He might as well have said "sink that GD ship on the bottom of the ocean."


    1. Precisely and thanks. http://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2016/05/obama-budgets-17613-for-every-new.html

  4. No Unites States Military formation in the 240 year history of the US military has ever disobeyed an order to attack a civilian target at home or overseas. This is not new, nor is it news. From the "whisky rebellion" to the NG "Riot deployments" in the 60's. The "burning of Atlanta" and "Kent state" were the Norm; Not the exception. Yes they will not only attack civilians, but they will man firing squads and "camps" just as willingly. ---Ray

    1. & the Transverse march with Eisenhower and Patton participating.

  5. Lighten up Francis. Some of you really need to back away from the internet for a few days and come up for air.

    1. No, most of the people in the US military would not obey an illegal order. But sadly, most of those people would not recognize an illegal order. And most orders, despite being imprudent, immoral, or irrational, ARE legal. The ability to tell the difference between legal and illegal orders is a technical one, that will be decided by the courts, one order at a time. Most people, including most people in the military, don't have time for that kind of shit. Most people serving in the US military are not legal scholars and are ignorant of legal foundations like the English Common Law and the Constitution.

    2. It would have been perfectly legal for LBJ to sink the Liberty himself or to order the Air force to do it and those pilots would have had a legal obligation to obey. That is why it matters who you elect to be President.

    3. Treason is a legal definition, not a moral absolute. The fact that you feel betrayed is irrelevant. Treason is a matter of a technical violation of a written statute, with evidence presented and contested in court. It's not about your feelings. For most of Human history, "treason" meant that the King no longer trusted your loyalty.

    4. There is no "purge" of military officers. None. The US military is as it has been since the early 80's, a professional all volunteer force. It is composed of about 2 million people. There is a constant turn-over of those people. They are replaced as needed from the pool of available manpower in the rest of the USA and as such exactly reflect the temperament of the population they come from. With 2 million people turning over, I can cherry pick retention data and make a claim that the military is purging ANY group you care to select. Gays, men, women, blacks, hispanics, Christians, Jews, and even atheists. The fact is that the military is totally indifferent to who serves it and who chooses to stop serving it. Everyone is instantly replaceable. There is no purge. There never has been. If you want to see what a purge looks like, look at North Korea.

    5. I follow this sort of thing as a matter of professional interest and I can tell you that for the past 20 years every case where a soldier has refused to follow an illegal order, the soldier was wrong. He or she had incorrectly identified a valid order as illegal. This happens quite often because the military has always been full of barracks lawyers who think they know a lot more about the law than they really do.