Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hollywood Wants To Rebrand The Civil War

Via Bob

Julianne Moore wants stricter gun control

The deadliest time in United States history was four years of Civil War, when 640,000 Americans were killed or wounded. Over 260,000 of them were Confederate soldiers. In recognition of those appalling losses, southern and northern states named public buildings, parks, and schools for their fallen soldiers. The U.S. Army named facilities for brave Union officers, and even named ten bases for Confederates. But Hollywood now wants to rebrand the Civil War as a progressive event, acceptable to all Americans.


  1. Another dip-shucked hollyweird liberal. I refuse to watch any movie that has her in it and went so far as to destroy the 3 dvds I had with her as the star. I have a long list of movies I won't watch and I destroyed about half of my dvd collection because of the hollyweird slut puppies.

  2. Who cares what the no talented Moore wants to do?

    She doesn't produce anything worthwhile, just plays crappy parts in movies.

    So again, who cares?


  3. NOT a progressive "event" it was a war for independence for the South, and this twit has the nerve to try and change the name of JEB Stuart High School, a local hero. Go back to Commie Fornia and rot.