Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Royal Navy intercepts Russia submarine in the Straits of Dover

Via Iver

Vladimir Putin

British Navy crews from HMS Kent raced to intercept the Soviet sub, which was also stocked with tornadoes, just days before Euro 2016 kicks off.

The ruthless Ha! No, he just has a set of balls, something the West is sorely lacking. :) Russian leader’s latest act of aggression comes ahead of England’s opening game against Russia on Saturday.

Military insiders say the deadly submarine – which has the capability to launch surface-to-air missiles – had been monitored since Sunday when it left its base in Severmorsk, northern Russia.

It was accosted by HMH Kent as it made its way down England’s eastern coastline.


  1. Maybe they were just looking for a parking spot? :)

    1. Yeah, the English sure are stingy. Maybe they want to charge for them. :)

  2. Go Putin. Putin has promised to reveal what really happened
    on 9/11 via his satellites on 9/11/16. Yea.
    Remembering the USS Liberty - THE DAY OF INFAMY.