Thursday, July 7, 2016

How (and Why) to Dress Like a (Southern) Conservative, Part I

 a o bacon

 "Don't wear white before Easter."  I can hear my Mother now. :)

I probably should not admit this due to certain… ummm… shall we say… stereotypes, but since I was a young adult, I have had a particular interest in fashion. For the record, I am married with six children. Probably reflecting my underlying conservative disposition, however, I was always more concerned with the “rules” of fashion, such as they were in my suburban blue-collar experience, than I was with following the latest trends. This concern for fashion rules has stuck with me even to this day, sometimes much to the dismay of my children. On a couple of occasions, for example, I have tried to explain to one or the other of my sons that what he had on or was looking to buy were “summer” shoes, only to have him look at me as if I was crazy and question how I ever came to marry his mother. “What do you mean a summer shoe?” Such is the burden I must bear, I suppose,

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