Thursday, July 28, 2016

No Obama Bounce For DNC Day 3 Ratings As They Fall Behind RNC

Via Billy

obama DNC  2016 speech

It was like a political Coachella last night at the Democratic National Convention – and not just because Lenny Kravitz was playing. With star turns from Vice President Joe Biden and then primetime performances from VP hopeful Tim Kaine and then President Barack Obama himself, the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia was rockin’ – even more so when nominee Hillary Clinton made an onstage appearance at the very end to hug it out with POTUS – though it didn’t lead to ratings fireworks it seems in the early numbers.


  1. ABC News saying the DNC was more successful than the RNC.
    Look at all the empty seats and read the democrats were
    having to pay people to sit in the empty seats. What a

    1. Thanks.

  2. No surprise there. The Democrats, supporting 'Do Whatever It Takes' Hillary have exposed themselves even to their supporters that its all a sham. They will even eat their own as Bernie Sanders found out.

    Hillary supports the police and military ? Really ? Must be her evil twin vs. 'The Real Hillary' that now is ready to assume her role of Glorius Supreme Leader. The Hillary back then (last week) accused the police of racism and put the military in harms way while at the same time helping the enemy infiltrate OUR country via immigration. Maybe she thinks fighting them here on our shores helps the military, I dunno.