Monday, July 25, 2016

Was Trump Right? Leaked DNC Email Shines Unexpected Light On Cruz's "Militant" Father

Via Frank

In yet another awkward moment for Democratic talking-point-providers and Trump-deniers, Wikileaks' leaked DNC emails [4] turned up an interesting factual confirmation of Trump's 'conspiracy theory' questions about Ted Cruz's father's background... "I will note that Cruz's father was in fact a militant who fought the Batista regime (which Fidel Castro defeated) and it would not be unusual for him to be caught up in the ugly web of Cuban militants with questionable histories."

Here is Luis Miranda - DNC Communications Director - reflecting on Trump's various conspiracies, confirming Cruz's father's connections...


  1. Problem is Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F Kennedy all by himself, he was just one of the first in a line of mentally unstable, disgruntled losers who do these destructive attention grabbing things. Occam's Razor.