Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Profs Refuse to Believe Study Which Shows There’s No Gender Pay Gap

Via David via 90 Miles

Several professors at the University of Georgia are questioning the methods of an independent study because it failed to reveal a gender pay gap between male and female professors.

Last year, the university conducted its first internal gender pay gap study since 2002, according to UGA’s independent news weekly, The Red and Black. To ensure that there were no conflicts of interest, the study was managed by a third-party statistical research organization called Economic Research Services Group ( ERS Group), which collected the nine-month salary data of UGA professors to compile the results.

“The university chose an independent consultant...to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.”

Dr. Sarah Covert, Associate Provost of Faculty Affairs, announced the results of the study at a University Council meeting in May, revealing that researchers “found no institution-wide practice or pattern of paying faculty members differently based on gender.”

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