Sunday, August 21, 2016

"The epitome of Christian Southern young lady"

Via Jeffery

Hope Abounds: Awe-inspiring faith of a teen whose parents died in an Alabama plane crash

Sarah Perry, an eighth grader whose parents died in a tragic plane crash in Tuscaloosa on Sunday, took to social media less than 48 hours later to pen a message so hopeful that it has left many in awe of her resilience.

Sarah’s parents, Dr. Michael and Kim Perry, were among six individuals who were killed in the crash, leaving behind a total of 11 children, including Sarah and her younger brother and sister.

“I will help them with anything they need,” Sarah wrote of her siblings. “I will be my sister’s Santa Claus and I will be there for my sister when she gets older! I will help my brother with his homework and with any problems he ever has! And I will also help my grandmother, who will be raising me for the rest of my life. It will be hard and there will be obstacles along the way, but if we all stay strong and stick together we can get through this because I know this is what my parents would want!”

“I know I will see them in heaven,” she wrote in conclusion, “so this is not the end!”

Read her full message below, but make sure to have the tissue ready.


  1. What I gathered from her story was the facts that she wasn't worried about where her parents would spend eternity, and she wasn't really worrying about what it would take to raise her younger brother and sister. She had already accepted her fate and had formulated a rough plan to deal with her unfortunate circumstance. Will she miss her parents? Naturally, she will miss them, but it is obvious that she was equipped morally and spiritually to deal with this long before her parents were killed. May God bless them all.

    1. Just amazing and a stronger soul may have never been known.