Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Toxic Ted Cruz’s First Victim Confirmed – Representative Tim Huelskamp Defeated in Primary…

Via Billy

tim huelskamp 5

Remember what we have stated about “tremors” and “twitches” that get overlooked by most media?  Yeah, well…

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  1. I'm glad that anti Trump rat bastid lost.

  2. Paul Ryan will be next.

    1. I pray.

  3. ALL of the Republican incumbents ought to voted out of office. Look at all the losers they gave us to be or wannabe presidents. I don't remember any one saying how much better off we would have been if only Dole or McCain had been elected. Jeb Bush? That guy would be out of his depth in a parking lot puddle. And now, in their infinity stupidity, the so called leadership of the dead elephant party and their talk radio fan boys are trashing the ONLY guy that has the support of the average voter. So instead of attacking antichrist Obama or Hillary the Evil, based on what they have done, they still have the delusion that they can replace Trump with a good ol' boy of their choosing, with the expectation that the same voting base will go along and follow orders. They can go and engage in self-fornication. BTW, since I live in the People's Democratic Socialist Republic of Minnesota, not voting is an easy option since there will be with absolute certainty voter fraud on such a scale that the local democratic party (DFL) will win/re-elected. Depressing.