Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Colin Kaepernick vs. Steve Clevenger: America Is Now An Open-Air Prison For Whites

Via comment by Anonymous on Braindead SJW


Mulatto Colin Kaepernick is lionized by the Main Stream Media for disrespecting the American flag, but the MSM, the plutocratic owners of professional sports teams and the parasitical multicultural grievance industry have combined to destroy white catcher Steve Clevenger for speaking out against violent black riots. What, you thought the U.S. was a free country?

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  1. The Gulag is next....I am telling you the PC horseshit is so deep now, anything that was repulsive and wrong is now right and glorious. The list is long and the players are all culture marxists,democraps, and they have lost their minds. How can one man's opinion ruin his career and another opinion or action that is absolutely disrespectful not ruin the other ?