Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Don't Worry, Hillary Clinton Will Power Through :)

Via Billy


  1. The new talking point; "power through it". My talking point; Denial is not a river in Egypt. This is a now or never election for Hillary the evil. She has been lusting after POTUS ever since she was the First Lady/Co-President. I could be wrong, but I am certain that Hillary was the first to describe herself as "Co-President". She is not going to give up this close to her goal. She believes that she above the law and the ends to justify the means. I suspect that she will continue to use all the same tactics that she and Billy have used in the past to get what they want. No, she will not willing step aside. Nobody is going to deny her the title of the first female president. Nobody. It is very likely that the Clintons have dirt on the Obamas that they don't want made public (all the records that Barry has sealed). There is too, the long trail of dead bodies of those who have crossed paths with the Clintons. If Hillary goes down, she will take a lot of her enemies with her.