Saturday, September 17, 2016

Only 31% of US-educated millennials are able to identify Israel on a map

Via Billy,_neighbours_and_occupied_territories.svg/2000px-Map_of_Israel,_neighbours_and_occupied_territories.svg.png

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has harshly criticized Israeli settlements in the West Bank and is calling for urgent action to save “the two state solution.” He insists that Israeli settlements in the West Bank “are illegal under international law” and he told reporters that the “occupation” of Palestinian-controlled territories “must end.” These comments represent perhaps the strongest statements that any UN Secretary-General has ever made against Israel, and they come at a very ominous time. As I detailed just a few days ago, there is a major push to try to get some sort of UN Security Council resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before Barack Obama leaves office.

As you will see below, this is something that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon obviously endorses.

Those that are hoping for a “two state solution” know that fresh negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians are not likely to happen any time in the near future. So if the “peace process” is going to move forward, it is going to have to happen at the United Nations.

Ban Ki-moon is among those that are desperate to try to save the “two state solution,” and as the UN begins a new annual session this week he is urging imminent action. The following comes from the official UN website


  1. That's because it is Palestine, all of it.

  2. The settlers are stealing all the land of Palestine - There
    won't be nothing left for a state of Palestine. What was
    designated by the UN sure as Hell isn't there anymore.