Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pier Weekly

Caught in the act. :)

The four in the rear are Germans who have been working in New Bern for a while, but discovered Emerald Isle only recently.  They knew about the founding of New Bern in 1710, but didn't realize that both German and Swiss were involved. Tuscaroras And (My Family)

Grace and Franchesca

Alice and friends in their yellow bus continuing the hippie tradition as she mentioned. :) After we had talked for a while, she sang a song she had written as a 12 year old about the 58K who died in Vietnam and all of us were deeply touched.  I videoed it on my I Phone, but the wind was so bad that it wasn't worth enclosing.  She really should record it, but says she prefers to sing it to select individuals only.  A touching experience.

Les, what a nice guy.  His mother has land in the PI.

The 'water jugs' to the left of the cooler are filled with mysterious substances. Which reminds me of On Leave Between Tours


  1. Hi Brock,
    Batten down the hatches!!! 'Ya gonna have a Gale or two put upon ya!! Beautiful photos of the Beach!!! One of my fondest memories is the NC coast at Fort Fisher the first time Peggy took me there!!!!!! 01 Jan 1998..... 'Have it on VHS in the archive.... now to put on the 'puter!! Too many projects...too little time!!''
    Blue Skies,

    1. :) Supposed to be beach weather by tomorrow afternoon.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun, How do I get invited?

    1. Strange, I posted this on the 2nd, have posted two more since and somehow this shows up again! :)

      Just come on down. I go at six, walk for an hour on the beach and pier, then sit under the pier and have a few. :)

  3. How is Dixie doing? I was always use to seeing Dixie in
    many of these types of pics.
    By the way, looks like some great decent fun.

    1. OK, as far as I know as she's in CA.